Popular sporting bar from The Promenade, moves to … my dining table!

A last minute pivot was necessary for our restaurant review this month.  Plans to head into Robina Town Centre’s new sporting bar were somewhat overruled by a pesky little virus that is going around (you may have heard of it?).

One quick phone call to the restaurant on 3188 3160 and right away, they were more than happy to take my order over the phone for contact-free collection within 15 minutes.

With a hungry family at home, including a couple of miniature humans, the very extensive and mouth-watering menu was scoured for grown up and kid-friendly fare and this is what we went with:

    Explained on the menu as your favourite parma in a toasted flour tortilla … that is exactly what was delivered!  Delicious sesame crumbed chicken tenders, hot chips, roquette, Napoli, Virginia ham, mozzarella & tasty cheese on a decent size wrap. Came served with beer battered steak fries and would highly recommend for lunch or dinner.
  • NOURISH BOWL (vegetarian)
    This super fresh, and instaworthy bowl was packed with grilled corn, black beans, avocado, roasted mushrooms, kale, grilled haloumi, sweet potato & black rice and drizzled with spicy buffalo mayo – more than enough for one person for a dinner meal – we topped this one with a serving of cauliflower popcorn – glad we did because these little morsels proved a favourite with our discerning veggo diner.
  • BABY BACK PORK RIBS (most definitely NOT vegetarian)
    Geez if this isn’t one of their most popular dishes it should be.  Slow cooked in a tasty dry rub, glazed in hickory smoked bbq sauce, these are normally served with beer battered steak fries & apple slaw, but RSG were happy to swap out the fries for sautéed greens for us – drizzled in a tasty lemon and herb butter they were a great side to this hearty dish

For the KIDS it was a hit with:

  • MAJOR MAC ‘N’ CHEESE which Miss 8 highly recommends to all her mini-buds.  Served as three quite large “bites” with tomato sauce a your choice of shoestring fries or broccoli (errr… of course we went with the former); and
  • Miss 5 smashed her choice of DUNKIN’ NUGGETS, with these tasty handmade chicken nuggs also coming with a generous serve of shoestring fries.  Mum may or may not have had a teeny nuggy nibble (for quality control) and can report all is grand in nugget land.

Find out more

Have a look at the revised takeaway menu here:

https://www.sportingglobe.com.au/images/menu/TSG_Take_Away_Menu.pdf before giving them a call on 3188 3160 to order. You can also order on UberEats for home delivery.   Visit them on Facebook here to stay up to date on all specials:  https://www.facebook.com/SportingGlobeRobina/

There are LOTS of exceptional reviews online from locals who have been in to enjoy the venue at the Promenade, so we look forward to an opportunity to go back there in person – hopefully one day soon!


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INSIDER TIP:  Love your local?  Don’t want them to close?  Why not buy a gift certificate for yourself or a mate, and take a raincheck on that dining in experience.  We are sure they will thank you for the support.