City of Gold Coast Division 11 Community News for May 2018

Thanks again to Councillor Hermann Vorster for his welcome monthly contribution to insideR, where he updates us on all things Robina and surrounds.

Robina Common upgrades

Robina Common is a fantastic community asset. But investment hasn’t really kept up with population growth and our expectations.

That’s why I have delivered a series of improvements including new field lighting, improved gardens, upgraded entries, CCTV cameras, car park lighting, etc.

The place is already looking much better – and it is so much safer too. I hope to announce more improvements with the City Budget adopted in June.

Check out my video wrap-up of the improvements featuring Paul Rushton, President of Robina City Football Club.

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Success with CCTV

Our greatly expanded safety camera network is having great results by contributing to real arrests and reducing the incidents of vandalism, illegal dumping, etc.

I acknowledge my tough, zero tolerance approach to drug abuse, vandalism, car theft and late-night mayhem may make some people uncomfortable.

But I firmly believe we all deserve to feel safe in our own backyard. There is perhaps no greater responsibly for government.

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Fifty thousand new fish

Local fishing enthusiasts have requested funding to restock West Lake with 50,000 Australian Bass – to target mosquitoes and pest species such as Tilapia fry.

This project will give local anglers an opportunity to enjoy our wonderful lakes outside of our semi-regular Tilapia Busters events.

You can have your say by participating in my Facebook poll.

Christine Corner investigation

I have labelled the Christine Corner intersection ‘a death trap wrapped up in bureaucratic red tape.’

It is too unsafe and difficult for local kids to navigate this intersection – and don’t get me started on the unnecessary congestion. Enough.

I recently secured the support of Council to tackle this problem by forcing action from the State Government; given this is their road and intersection.

We will come to the party with an investigation into an additional eastbound lane on Christine Avenue to Whistler Drive and new pedestrian countdown timers.

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Nine hundred new trees

Thank you to all the Junior Landcare volunteers who joined me on the last weekend in April at the Robina City Parklands.

We planted over 900 trees in a new wetland area!

This space will serve an important ecological and water quality function – and they will be the foundation for a brilliant new playground in our community.

Free lakeside music events

Following the success of Springtime Eats, I am delighted to bring back free live music and food truck dining on Lake Orr.

All the fun takes place on Sundays from 4pm to 8pm and will continue for the entire month of May.

Autumn Time Eats will be at the Varsity Lakes Foreshore Parklands at 79 Varsity Parade – come and join your community and hear music by local artists.

More information

Town Hall at Robina Community Centre

The next Town Hall meeting is scheduled for Wednesday 23 May at the Robina Community Centre from 7pm.

If you’d like to be ‘in the know’, come along to this free night to meet with me, other neighbours and hear the latest news!

RSVP here for catering purposes.

Free community legal education seminars

Legal battles are tough for anyone having to endure them.

Robina Community Legal Centre is hosting seminars to educate the community on legal issues that impact everyday Australians.

Join Alex Wynn of Bell Legal Group on Tuesday 15 May from 5.30pm-7.30pm at the Robina Community Centre (Room 1.2) for the first of a series of free seminars.

Property Settlements in Family Law

Have you recently been separated? Or are about to be separated? Most relationships involve sharing property but what do you do when the relationship ends? Understand the process to decide who gets what, and how much. The more you know, the easier the process.

To RSVP to this seminar, register here or call/text 0423 466 286.

This is the first of a series of seminars I’m supporting to be delivered until the end of this year. For future topics and dates – stay tuned!

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Councillor Hermann Vorster
Division 11
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