Toro Toro Sushi Omakase – Japanese cuisine

Premium Japanese food in Robina? Hai!

Have a hankering for some super-fresh Japanese that looks almost too good to eat? insideR has you covered.

The brains behind popular teppanyaki restaurant chain, Kamikaze, recently opened the doors to their first Toro Toro eatery right here in Robina – a premium Japanese food offering in Robina Town Centre’s lakeside dining district, The Promenade.

Flanked on either side by sister restaurant Kamikaze and Max Brenner (dessert afterwards?), Toro Toro is the first of its kind from the creators of the popular Chotto Matte in Brisbane’s CBD.

After opening late last year, Toro Toro has already set itself apart from the rest by focusing on a premium sushi, sashimi and hot pot menu…without being too expensive.

Here, you’ll find only the freshest seafood – straight off the boat from the Melbourne fish markets – and presented in such a way that many would consider to be art, not food.

Toro Toro has welcomed aboard head chef, Shunji Tazoko – who was formally trained in Japan in a range of traditional and experimental preparation styles, including sushi, sashimi and fusion.

Shunji-san is even skilled in the art of ‘ikezukuri’ – the preparation of sashimi while the fish in question is still alive (!) – although it’s highly unlikely you’ll see him practice this ancient Japanese art form at Toro Toro.

Toro Toro’s menu – accessed via iPads at your table – offers all the Japanese favourites; from miso soup, edamame and agedashi tofu to sushi rolls, set menus and hot pots.

But if you’re going to have one thing, make sure it’s the sashimi.

Shunzi-san prides himself on freshness, so the salmon, tuna, scallops and kingfish should, by all rights, be the first thing you order.

Basically, everything on the assorted nigiri sushi menu – or ‘omakase’ – is worth sampling as well. But be warned, it may look so good you won’t want to mess up the beautiful plate laid out in front of you.

Toro Toro’s modern and minimal fit-out is very different from the common ‘sushi bar’ style – almost European in its simplistic class and style.

Open, airy and relaxing, Toro Toro lends itself to staying a while to savour your meal … and perhaps even knock back a few draught Asahis, or imported Japanese whiskies, sakes or plum wines.

For the work crowd – or those who just happen to be shopping at Robina Town Centre between 11am and 4.30pm – make sure you consider the chicken karrage set meal for $15.80.

Word certainly seems to be getting out amongst the local Japanese community about Toro Toro – and when Japanese people are flocking to a sushi restaurant, you just know it’s going to be good!

Inside Word: insideR asked Shunji-san to tell us about his favourite signature dishes – plates that are gorgeous to look at, but above all, ‘oiishi’. Here are his recommendations. Arigato, we hear you say!

–          Aburi salmon roll

–          Wagyu beek sukiyaki

–          Salmon ikura roll

–          Karrage chicken set menu

–          Assorted nigiri sushi (omakase)

*Toro Toro, located at Robina Town Centre’s Promenade, is open from 11am-9.30pm every day. For more information call (07) 5593 2442.


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