Make sure you and your family are flu-season ready

With seasonal change in the air, it’s the perfect time to give your immune system a boost!

We popped into Just Healthy at Robina Town Centre for some tips on flu prevention coming into the cooler months.

Just Healthy is a family owned and operated shop, celebrating 22 years in Robina Town Centre this year. As a customer, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with options walking into a large health food store, but thankfully their Naturopath was readily available with some recommendations, beginning with vitamins and supplements! For flu prevention, Andrographis, Elderberries, Liposomal Vitamin C, Zinc Carnosine and Aged Garlic are all known to support your body to fight those nasty bugs coming into winter. Their Naturopath also highlighted the need for a good probiotic, remarking that the majority of the immune system sits in the digestive tract. Regularly taking probiotics will help to prevent allergies, gastro bug and eczema, and will also help to strengthen a low immune system.

Good nutrition is of extremely high importance as the weather changes! Drinking bone broth regularly is one great way to build up your immune health, and Just Healthy has a large range of ready-made Bone Broth powders in store which make this an easy option for people on the go.

Next time you feel a tingling in your throat, try taking some Manuka Honey! With a high level of antibiotic properties, it is very effective for treating sore throats, and Just Healthy especially recommends looking for a UMF of 15+.

Finally, their Naturopath suggested the use of essential oils during the cooler months, and this is particularly beneficial to help support sleep when suffering from a chesty cough or blocked nose. Using an Ultrasonic Diffuser with a recipe of oils will help to humidify and purify the air overnight. For cold and flu symptoms, try a combination of Lemon, Thyme, Eucalyptus and Peppermint essential oils, using equal drops of each and leaving to diffuse through the night.

If you’re looking for some more personalised advice on herbs and supplements coming into the cooler months, Just Healthy offers Naturopath appointments in store. Here’s to keeping healthy, strong and flu-free this winter!

Just Healthy Robina are located opposite K-Mart and next to JB Hi-Fi in Robina Town Centre and would love to help you get healthy and stay healthy!

Visit the Just Healthy Robina website for special offers or to book a Naturopath consultation or follow them on Instagram.

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