American diner-style cuisine at Robina: Praise the Lord!

Lord of the Wings hits Robina Town Centre and we are frothing!

American diners are often thought of as purveyors of massive quantities of greasy fast food.

But Lord of the Wings wants to let people know it’s possible to enjoy American fare without getting the guilty meat sweats afterwards.

Make no mistake – Lord of the Wings have nailed American authenticity, and if you do this thing right, you’ll no doubt still be left reaching for the belt buckle afterwards. But there’s something about knowing your food is made using the highest quality, locally sourced ingredients that’s definitely a comforting thought for those foodies among us bothered by our pesky conscience.

Lord of the Wings have been key players on Brisbane’s wing scene for a few years. After opening their diner doors at Robina Town Centre recently, they’re now one of the newest additions to the array of dining options at ‘The Promenade’ waterfront dining precinct.

To our best knowledge, Lord of the Wings is the only restaurant in Robina that makes possible the marriage of three very wonderful things: American diner-style food, drinking and live sport.

For many, there’s little more appealing than wolfing down a side of baby back ribs topped with Yankee burger and a slice of New York cheesecake – all washed down with an A&W root beer while taking in some live grid iron coverage.

The Lord of the Wings casual dining atmosphere is suited to everyone – from couples on date night who’d prefer to enjoy a private, comfortable booth, to sports fans taking in a game on one of 10 screens over a beer and a game of foosball.

But back to the most important part: the food. We sat down with Pierre Trad, General Manager Lord of the Wings Australia, who was good enough to order up our entire meal from our table’s iPad, without even having to leave our booth. What a time to be alive!

Fittingly, the first dish to arrive was our wings. Call yourself ‘Lord of the Wings’ and you really want to be able to back this statement up in a court of law. To say it was a ‘religious experience’ may be a stretch, but we can say hand on heart these were some of the tastiest wings we’ve had outside of the States. Our gorgeously glazed traditional wings were tossed through one of 20 sweet-to-spicy sauces, and we dipped them into the Lord’s divine blue cheese sauce (see main pic in header above – you’ll almost smell the spicy goodness).

Then out came a rustic timber board topped with premium baby back ribs and a side of coleslaw and skinny fries (scroll through to see droolworthy picture in header above). The tender meat – basted in a honey BBQ glaze – fell off the bone, which may have something to do with all ribs at Lord of the Wings being locally sourced and slow-cooked to perfection.

Next to arrive was our burger – aptly named ‘The American’ – comprised of a 100 per cent Angus pattie with lettuce, tomato, pickles and onions…book-ended by a soft and pillowy potato bun. That’s right, potato bun. It’s a thing they’re doing now.

While Lord of the Wings is indeed an American diner, it seems to have poached a national dish from their northern neighbours, poutine. For the uninitiated, poutine is a typically Canadian meal:  fries topped with cheese curd and lashings of heavy gravy. Technicalities aside, it’s a welcome addition to the all-American menu and definitely worth crossing the border into Canada.

This restaurant review was regrettably undertaken during work hours, so we didn’t get the chance to take full advantage of the impressive bar, but we wish we had!

Lord of the Wings has collaborated with the craft beer masters at Cricketer’s Arms to brew the Lord of the Wings Lager and Pale Ale. These draft beers can be served from the tap into a traditional glass… or a 2L beer tower, to keep those annoying trips to the bar to an absolute minimum.

Sure, you could get a standard local or imported beer, wine or cocktail. But why bother when the bar is stocked with adult milkshakes, spiked soda floats and ‘Coronaritas’ (a margarita slushie topped off with an up-ended, ice-cold Corona).

You may well need unfettered access to many of these chilled beverages should you choose to take part in the Lord of the Wings’ Hot Wing Challenge.

Lord, help you.

Find Out More

Find Lord of the Wings at Robina Town Centre, The Promenade (near Kamikaze and Groove Train)

Open at 11am – 9.30pm 7 days a week.

(07) 5562 1067

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