UberEATS: Bringing Robina cuisine to your door

Just as slick and user-friendly as its transport-changing parent company, Uber Eats is yet another sharing economy service we never knew we needed.

It’s as easy as placing a food order through the Uber Eats app, an Uber driver collecting your order and bringing it to your door – quickly, and with the typical cheery demeanour synonymous with Uber operators.

The app has gorgeously styled photography of each restaurants fare, which had my mouth watering in no time and I was extremely excited to find that after I placed my order, I received regular updates during its journey to my door!  Your order has been placed, it has now been picked up by your Uber driver, TIME TO EAT!

The best thing is it’s not just limited to restaurants who typically offer a delivery service.  Uber has approached Gold Coast restaurants and basically offered them a self sufficient delivery service which extends their local customer base and supports their business.

We needed this in our lives.  How many times have you been stuck at home in a scenario where heart warming food, prepared by someone other than yourself is all you can think about.

Scenario 1: you’re home sick on the couch on day three of a bad cold, the stage where you can suddenly eat again, feel borderline ravenous but can’t face having to shower and dress to go out and hunter gather.  Pizza just won’t cut it, you need a life-giving laska or a spicy Indian curry with lashings of fresh chilli to shock your cold into oblivion.

Scenario 2: you have friends over  for a long lunch, including liquid beverages and you’re all having such a good time and all the kids are getting on so well, you say why not just stay for dinner but there’s nothing in the pantry but dried ingredients you are definitely not cooking.

Successfully launched on the Gold Coast last month, many of our favourite Robina restaurants are available to eat from on the Uber Eats menu including brand new restaurants at The Kitchens.

Working in Robina I have had the chance to sample several of the amazing new eateries at The Kitchens, but I have not worked my way completely through the list as yet, so Uber Eats is certainly helping me to achieve this, from the comfort of my own home!

Our staple Robina breakfast spot Honeyeater Kitchen caught my eye straight away as I thought of all of the times I have needed voodoo bacon home delivery.

One of The Kitchens operators I’ve been dying to sink my teeth into is La Flamenca, their fragrant Spanish paellas always look and smell amazing.   The ultimate comfort food, you can’t go past a heart-warming paella now that the weather is cooling.

Other big name Kitchens restaurants including Jimmy Grants and Fish lab are also available direct to your door.

Long term local favourite Taboon Middle Eastern has made an appearance on the Uber Eats app and who can resist slow cooked lamb shanks, baked in a tagline with aromatic spices in a rich sauce. Garnished with dried fruits, yoghurt & pine nuts, the meat is always so tender it just falls off the bone.

Krish Indian Robina has also jumped on board Uber Eats, the family owned and run restaurant has been established in Robina for well over a decade and getting a home delivery of their award winning butter chicken is definitely on my must do list!

Even dessert delivery is on the menu!  You can order Lavezzi gelato to satisfy your sweet tooth after your warm food has been devoured.

All the food options are cauterised by how quickly they can be delivered, so you know before you order roughly how long you’ll have to wait and the status updates stop you pacing the floor waiting for your order to arrive.

In fact, the delivery time frames seems extremely short, perhaps in part due to the fact that there are now so many Uber drivers on our Gold Coast roads.  There’ll be one just around the corner from the food you need right now!

While you can’t beat the experience of dining out at a restaurant, especially with good friends, or cooking your own nutritious meals at home, sometimes you just need a night off where someone else cooks for you, without having to compromise on taste.

Uber Eats is now my go to for when these scenarios arise.

See what’s cooking near you right now!

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