Street Art – Signs of the Time

Coming exclusively to the Gold Coast City Gallery, Signs of the Time is a new exhibition of street art by world-renowned, national and local artists.

The gallery features impressive artwork from newly commissioned and private collections exploring how street art mirrors our society, times and culture.

Featuring works from urban art megastars Banksy’s Nola (White Rain); Bambi, Britain’s most famous female street artist with her iconic Amy Winehouse portrait and Iranian street artist A1One’s anti-corporation work East Resist and Swoon’s social struggle artwork Street Sweeper.

Additional to the main gallery exhibition, there will be a foyer gallery featuring an ‘urban laneway’ with original street art commissioned by Gold Coast City Gallery. You’ll see art by national and local urban artists including 40/40 Creative, Lorraine Abernethy, Sarah Beetson, Beastman, Shannon Doyle, Claudio Kirac, E.L.K., Fuzeillear, HA HA, Libby Harward, Paul Parker, Johnny Romeo, Kiel Tillman, SK412 and Matthew Te Paea.

Signs of the Time is free to attend and also consists of a range of events such as art, dance and skate workshops, live demonstrations, art battles, live music and wrap-up street party.

Open daily from 18 February – 9 April at the Gold Coast Arts Centre gallery.

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